Shipping and returns

All orders are shipped via FedEx, DHL, TNT (Italy) unless otherwise specified, at the expense of the customer. We can ship anywhere, except for special cases where local government imposes restrictions.

Products returned due to incorrect, damaged or faulty articles (legal warranty of conformity)

If an article is returned due to an error on our part or because the article is damaged, faulty or not what was ordered, and it was not possible to repair or replace it, we shall refund the cost of the article and the shipping costs incurred to receive it.
Gallina Matta shall check all articles that have been returned as damaged or faulty. In the event that no faults are detected, the company reserves the right to charge the shipping cost and cost of the article itself to the customer.

Exchanges or returns are only possible in the event of a damaged or incorrect items, as the products are made to order and duly customised. Special individual cases can be assessed by writing to our customer care service. In such cases, all expenses incurred to return the product are charged to the customer.