No place more than the home is suitable for expressing one's personality.
We at La Gallina Matta have always thought so.
Within the home we see a creative space in which to cultivate the art of hospitality and refine taste. That is why we bring to life elegant collections that are born out of a love for fabrics in all their colors and textures.

We are passionate about decorating rooms, from table textiles to bathroom textiles, from interior design to furniture design to children's items and timeless games such as bingo and cards. Christmas is one of the moments we love to make precious by imagining collections that beautify the glittering backdrop of the holidays.

For years, under the guidance of Claudia Petruzzi Granato - founder and creative director of the brand - we have been bringing a singular and unmistakable touch into homes all over the world, with an eye always on international styles and trends, but preserving a good memory of Italian traditions.

What distinguishes our creations is the study of shapes, for example those of placemats and coasters, the result of research nourished by references to art, history and architecture. But equally important is the color. Ours is a unique palette, fine-tuned over years of experience and constantly enriched with new nuances. We never tire of playing with combinations, from the most classic to the most irreverent, sometimes resulting in daring combinations.

We are convinced that what is chic should also be practical and that quality is a value to be preserved. What guarantees it is our entirely Italian production process. Every single piece is born in our workshop in Rome and is finished by hand by a team of seamstresses, so it keeps intact the flavor of the best artisan school. This is how we have recovered, with contemporary sensitivity, ancient traditions, particularly that of embroidery, which we also use to "sign" each item.

Our name, La Gallina Matta, takes its cue from a travel discovery, a Sardinian sculpture depicting the "queen" of the farmyard with her head turned downward. It is a singular image that has become part of our logo and continues to inspire us.

Yes, because to enhance each and every element in the home, it is good to keep yourself curious and receptive.

Does authentic style also require a note of madness? In our quest for beauty, it cannot be missed.