There is no place like home when it comes to expressing one’s personality.
This has always been the opinion of all of us at La Gallina Matta.
Within the walls of your own, there is a creative space in which to cultivate the art of hospitality and refine one’s taste. For this reason we design elegant collections that are born from the love for fabrics of all possible colour and texture.

We dedicate ourselves to home decor with utmost passion, from the table linens to bathroom textiles, from interior design to the design of furnishing objects and the design of articles for children and evergreen games, such as bingo and cards. Christmas is one of the moments we love to make extra special, imagining collections that embellish the dazzling settings over the festive period.

Under the guidance of Claudia Petruzzi Granato – founder and creative director of the brand – for many years we have bestowed a unique and unmistakable touch to homes all over the world, monitoring current international styles and trends, yet preserving an excellent memory when it comes to Italian traditions.

Our creations also distinguish themselves for their unique shape, for example those of the placemats and coasters, the result of research teeming in references to art, history and architecture. But colours are just as important. Our palette is unique, developed over many years of experience and constantly enhanced with brand new shades. We never tire of playing with the most classic to the most irreverent pairings, sometimes conceiving exceptionally bold combinations.

We believe that all that is chic must also be practical and that quality is a value to be treasured. We guarantee this with our fully Made in Italy production process. Every single item is born in our laboratory in Rome and is hand-finished by a team of skilled tailors: that’s why it maintains the allure of top crafting and workmanship standards. This is how we recovered ancient traditions, giving them a contemporary twist, in particular that of embroidery, that we also use to “autograph” every article we produce.

Our name, La Gallina Matta, takes its cue from a discovery made whilst travelling, a Sardinian sculpture that depicts the “queen” of the farmyard with her head facing downwards. It is a most unusual image that has become part of our logo and continues to inspire us.

Because in order to enhance every single element of the home, it is vital to maintain a certain curiosity and receptiveness.

Does an authentic style also require a touch of folly? We see it as a must-have in our ongoing search for all that is beautiful.